CECRA works to ensure that the voice of the automotive dealers and repairers are heard by the European decision makers as well as by the media and stakeholders such as consumer associations, professional associations, ...

The other objectives of CECRA are:

  • To be a lobbying body at all levels of the EU structure in particular the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and to create excellent relations with EU-authorities ensuring that the interests of all its members are equally represented;
  • To study and to defend the interests of the undertakings operating in the automotive distribution and services and all related sectors, more particularly with a view to their economic integration in the European Union;
  • Being a member of different working groups set up by European Commission in order to be at the source of decision making processes;
  • The coordination of the lobbying work of its members;
  • To be a European platform where members can compare and exchange information;
  • To gather and disseminate information to its members;
  • To establish and maintain contacts with other European and International associations/stakeholders;
  • To define compromises in order to be able to speak with one voice;
  • To study technical, legal and social specificities of the automotive trade and repair sector.